Mountain Games Story Telling

Mountain Games Storytelling Event- Come tell us a Tale!

Do you think you have what it takes to tell the best tall tale?

Come and be a part of the Inaugural Mountain Games Storytelling event happening during Mountain Games on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

For the first settlers there were few opportunities to obtain an education. To own a book other than the family Bible was rare. After taking care of tasks and chore that were necessary to survive, folks needed to find something to do to fill their time and curb loneliness. Music and storytelling emerged as the primary forms of entertainment, and to this day there’s a distinctly unique version of both alive and well here in the mountains.

Storytelling required little more than imagination and an audience. It was the perfect fit for the poor and isolated mountain people. We want to honor that timeless tradition and heritage by seeing who is the best now at keeping this tradition alive and well.

The contestant will tell one short story humorous, dramatic, supernatural, etc. (that is consistent with the theme of Mountain Games and Heritage Farm) that is suitable for an audience that includes children under the age of 12. The maximum length of each story will be four (4) minutes. The winners in both the adult and youth divisions will receive a cash prize.

One competitor for this year’s competition, Ian Nolte of Huntington, WV said this is a great event that is rich in history as well as challenge.

“Getting a crowd to listen to you for 4 minutes and delivering something that is rewarding and engaging is a real challenge. It will develop your skills as a writer and performer. Being able to face an audience, to feel the terror of their attention will make you a stronger and better human being. It’s like push-ups for your brain,” said Nolte.

For more information regarding the event, this is the link to the registration and event information

Storytelling Competition- Register Now!

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